Promoting Vietnamese Art and Culture

Based in Washington D.C., Vietnam Society is an independent non-profit organization established with the purpose of promoting Vietnamese art and culture to connect peoples and communities who share an appreciation for Vietnam’s rich traditions and contemporary artistic directions.

Why Vietnam Society?

We believe in the transcendent power of art to foster healthy discussions about Vietnamese heritage that ultimately unites and bonds people around common understandings. These avenues allow for the expression of individual and collective interpretation of the country’s history and society, providing knowledge and inspiration for this generation and those to come.

We welcome partnership and sponsorship support from organizations that share our vision. For more information about Vietnam Society or on how you could get involved, please contact us at

Our Programs

Our work promotes Vietnam’s century-old traditions and spotlights a new vibrant Vietnam by focusing on film, literature, cuisine, fine arts and performing arts.

Cross-cultural enrichment is a guiding principle for our organization. We believe this effort fosters greater understanding of Vietnam in the minds of Americans, reshaping the mindset from seeing Vietnam as a war to Vietnam as a country – one with a rich tapestry of arts and cultural traditions which span four thousand years.

Our work also helps the millions of Vietnamese living in the U.S. connect and engage with their cultural roots and heritage.

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