Vietnam Society is dedicated to fostering the understanding of Vietnam’s past and present through the richness of its art and culture. We believe art and culture is a uniting medium which transcends political lines and helps people to connect and appreciate each other’s uniqueness. Yet there is a large knowledge gap in the U.S. and around the world about Vietnamese art and culture. Filling this gap will play a part in helping the American public and Vietnamese diaspora move on from the painful past of the Vietnam War.

We believe in the transcendent power of art to foster healthy discussions about Vietnamese heritage that ultimately unites and bonds people around common understandings. These avenues allow for the expression of individual and collective interpretation of the country’s history and society, providing knowledge and inspiration for this generation and those to come.


  • Inspire the world through the beauty of Vietnamese art and culture
  • Impact the lives of young and future generations who desire to learn about Vietnam
  • Support artists, musicians, writers and practitioners of culture by showcasing their creative work

We aim to present Vietnamese culture in its purest forms, from its colorful past to present day, by providing accurate information from thorough research on Vietnamese culture and history. We aspire to delight audiences of the transcendent power of art and culture through live and virtual programs, online multimedia content and publications.

Our work focuses on five areas:

  • Fine art
  • Performing art
  • Film
  • Literature
  • Cuisine


  • Sponsor/host events and programs to educate and engage the public
  • Promote Vietnamese art and culture through digital content and programs on Vietnamsociety.org
  • Sponsor and organize Vietnam Week, an annual event in Washington, D.C. in partnership with the Sackler Freer Museum of Asian Art and other institutions
  • Provide a platform for artists and cultural ambassadors by showcasing their creative work in Washington, D.C., around the U.S. and online


Vietnam Society is an independent organization which has no affiliation with any government. We celebrate the creativity, competence, courage, and excellence of the artistic work that we present. We observe and respect the cultural authenticity and present them as accurately as possible. We maintain neutrality on political issues. We believe in collaboration between all actors who play a role in supporting our mission.

We welcome partnership and sponsorship support from organizations that share our vision. For more information about Vietnam Society or on how you could get involved, please contact us at info@vietnamsociety.org.

Our Founders

Vietnam Society was founded by Phuong “Erin” Steinhauer and Peter Steinhauer who have lived and traveled to work in Vietnam for nearly 30 years. Ms. Steinhauer is a Vietnamese American corporate executive, born in and raised Saigon. She is the great grand daughter of Pham Phu Thu, a great minister and reformer of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty. Peter Steinhauer is a world-renowned fine art photographer who has dedicated his career to documenting Vietnam since first moving to Vietnam in 1993. They believe in the transcendent power of art as a uniting medium which helps people to connect and bond and that art allows for the expression of interpretation of the country’s history and society, providing knowledge and inspiration for this generation and those to come.